The Queen is Dead

A storm skirts along the coast,
her rain dousing the fires
that engulfed us all week.
I thank her outside,
lay my dry cactus
plant on the dead
trunk of an aspen
in the front yard
at 2am.

Hurricane Kay
just offshore,
dowse the fires,
calm our nerves,
a great reprieve;
Pisces full moon,
a new King ascends.

25 years since our last storm like this.
25 years since the world lost its Princess.

A shifting planet,
changing of the guard,
I stare at a mosquito
through the window screen
smelling my blood
but can’t get in.

Satellite image of Hurricane Kay approaching Mexico’s Pacific Coast • posted on CNN (6 Sep 2022)

Lisa is a past contributor for NerdWallet, and has published a poetry collection, The Driver, The Journey, The Fall. Lisa lives in the Los Angeles area. She is currently working on a YA novel and several children’s picture books, in addition to her research in family history and genealogy. | Copyright © 2022 | Lisa M. McDougald | @PoetryGirlFromTheMountains
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Southern California Writer Discusses New Poetry Book

LOS ANGELES, (April 24) — This spring, Lisa M. McDougald has released her first book, a poetry collection—The Driver, The Journey, The Fall, now available through online global retail distribution. She established a publishing company to produce her own work after four years of submitting to traditional book publishers. Observing the constant changes in marketing tools and ease of self-publishing, she made the decision to follow in the self-publishing footsteps of her favorite authors, Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf—setting up Raven Shadow Press in 2018.

Having studied graphic design at Oregon State University, Lisa has an advantage as she can design her own marketing materials and book covers, saving on the costs of producing a book.

Photo by Linda Mae Watson

“I had a fellow writer and successful self-published author suggest that I self-publish something small to get my name out there and see what happens. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I gave myself a full year for my first book and planned everything out. Along the way, I took advantage of the advice of my fellow writers, my editor, and studied everything on the subject of self-publishing,” says Lisa.

Many of the poems from Lisa’s collection were revisions from her personal blog on Generation X she started in 2014 – The blog looks at various aspects of pop culture, philosophies, and history of the Gen-X zeitgeist weaving her personal experiences throughout.

Lisa further explains, “I’ve often thought that my generation, small in number and often in the background, is unique in its pathos. I wanted to explore that. I researched some of my own experiences as a reporter does, citing events that actually happened to me.”

This pathos is a characteristic of Lisa’s poetry, but, not to be overwhelming, as there is an arresting sense of hanging onto a hopeful place in a world accelerating toward an unknown climate reality. Navigating autobiography and confession, Lisa draws from intimate moments, bleak at times, but always grounded in the natural world.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. When I have a complicated personal situation, I need to unpack the emotions and separate them out so that I can understand the best way to respond. Often, my thoughts come out on the page in poetic phrasings through imagery—water, geology, and space.

In her new book, Lisa explores uneasy feelings of her grandfather at his funeral, an abandoned broken bicycle on the street, the loneliness of being a teenager, parting ways with a dear friend, and searching for meaning in the stars.

“Ultimately, releasing this work has been a healing process. Many of these poems cover my formative years and up through 2017. It touches on observation, hope, and determined resilience—that thing that keeps us going despite the dizzying demands of life in the 21st century.”

The Driver, The Journey, The Fall is available now on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and IndieBound. Reviews are available on Goodreads.


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New Release – March 26, 2019 – The Driver, The Journey, The Fall

It’s here! Get your paperback copy of The Driver, The Journey, The Fallnow available online through Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other global book retailers.


This is the author’s first book of poems. The collection is divided into three book.gifnatural moods or seasons—we follow our speaker’s shifts through grief and despair, awareness and observation, hope and inspiration. Each poem was selected and revised from pieces written between 1991 and 2017.

In THE DRIVER, THE JOURNEY, THE FALL, Lisa M. McDougald navigates confession and autobiography, writing about a range of trials: the death of her grandfather, love lost and longed for, a co-worker’s suicide, and existential anxieties. The author meditates on her heritage by contemplating DNA; she looks upward, celestial, probing there for answers. Here is an ardent soul fighting to sustain herself in a shifting and often isolating modern world through the decay of the 20th century and the dawning of the 21st. She offers us a swing in the park—sharing moments that threaten to plunge us off a cliff, but imploring us to hang on. And we will.

“…light on exuberance and strong on exacting observation, a bit like Emily Dickinson…”

NEIL HOWE, author and historian of American generations

“I truly appreciated reading this book…. I was surprised to feel sorrow. I was pleased to be back in touch with regret. I felt my own angst over the world’s peril. And the longer I read, the more deeply I felt my humanity….”

PATRICK COMBS, bestselling author of When You Are Bursting

More reviews on Goodreads


ISBN-13: 9781949268003
ISBN-10: 1949268004
Copyright: Lisa M. McDougald
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Raven Shadow Press
Published: January 28, 2019
Language: English
Pages: 92
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 0.41 lbs.
Dimensions: 6 x 9


Out of the void, a voice awakens…


A glimpse of another time,
another existence,
out floods the soul—
fluid, rank, ancient.

Shedding the skin,
it takes in
the rain,
falling down
on thirsty cells
reaching up.

A glorious

Launch Date Almost Here—March 26, 2019!

Countdown to my official launch date of The Driver, The Journey, The Fall
March 26, 2019!

With National Poetry Month just around the corner, I will be focusing on marketing and connecting with readers. It has been quite the adventure from start to finish! I’ve learned a lot and super excited to see a book I have contemplated for many years, be realized. I will be sharing stories behind the poems and inviting you to ask questions about the work in future posts so stay tuned…
Check out the latest reviews on Goodreads!

Last month to preview The Driver, The Journey, The Fall!

I want to share a recent review on NetGalley by bookseller, Kay Card:

Promising debut from McDougald here. Had a very modern feel, covering a range of themes, some random and surprisingly poignant given the subject matter. There was a fair few poems in this collection like Lost My Heart and Valley of Memory that completely clicked with me, and others that missed the mark a little but liked regardless. Would happily pick up future works by the poet on the back of this.

The Advanced Reader Edition of The Driver, The Journey, The Fall will be available for download until NOVEMBER 30th. All you need is Adobe Digital Editions (a free application) to access it once you have downloaded the PDF.

I look forward to your feedback and invite you to submit a review on GoodReads! Thank you again for your support! #NetGalley #TheDriverTheJourneyTheFall #TellTellPoetry

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Book Update: The Driver, The Journey, The Fall – making waves!

Two months remaining on NetGalley! If you have an e-reader and would like to read an advanced copy of the poetry collection, The Driver, The Journey, The Fall – you can sign up and download the book. Your comments, feedback, and reviews are welcome!

Check out a recent review on Goodreads from inspirational author and motivational speaker, Patrick Combs and published poet, J. D. Dehart!

The Driver, The Journey, The Fall – coming in Spring 2019

Download an advanced reader copy now!

NOTE: If you are experiencing trouble, download the PDF and take these steps from this link to access the .acsm file on your device.

Interview with Tell Tell Poetry

As I am in the review process of my poetry collection, The Driver, The Journey, The Fall, I had the opportunity to interview with Kallie at Tell Tell Poetry about my process and experience as a newly minted Self-Publisher! I want to thank Kallie and all the staff at Tell Tell Poetry for making my book the best it can be!

Now available on NetGalley for a limited time! The Driver, The Journey, The Fall

I am excited to announce the advanced review copy of The Driver, The Journey, The Fall – now available on NetGalley for a limited time! Please feel free to share, comment, and let me know what you think!