Going Zero Waste In the SCV
Less than two months ago, I decided to get serious about my personal carbon footprint.

102 Years After Titanic: Why We Keep Drifting Back
Nothing in recent history defines the spectrum of human drama in so clear and compact a story as the sinking of Titanic.

Descendant of Titanic Survivor Finds Distant Cousins After Centennial
It seems the story of Titanic has brought together many descendants, each one impacted by the history and still seeking answers to questions never asked.

4 Savings Priorities for Millennials
When it comes to saving, millennials have a tough road ahead. If you’re a recent grad, you’re facing wages an average of 5.4% lower than those in 2000, and full-time work is scarce.

Video Interview For Studio Santa Clarita: Titanic Ancestor

 Titanic Lives On: How I Discovered My Titanic Ancestors
At the time, we thought it a novelty to open the back of Walter Lord’s, A Night To Remember, and see the Mark Fortune family listed as 1st Class passengers.

The Titanic Lives On 100 Years Later
Titanic resonates through generations, because it was a microcosm of the society where the lines of class distinction were clearly drawn – until an iceberg leveled the playing field.

Revealing A Real Titanic Story
My mother wanted to know more about my father’s family and she wrote a series of letters to his aunts. It was in 1983 when we learned about the Titanic connection.

Lone Soldier Walks With Weary Breath
Prism Literary Arts Magazine • Oregon State University

Gallery By The Sea
The Southwester • Southwestern Oregon Community College