The Driver, The Journey, The Fall—Poetry Collection
Here is an ardent soul fighting to sustain herself in a shifting and often isolating modern world through the decay of the 20th century and the dawning of the 21st.

DJF Book Cover

Going Zero Waste In the SCV
Less than two months ago, I decided to get serious about my personal carbon footprint.

102 Years After Titanic: Why We Keep Drifting Back
Nothing in recent history defines the spectrum of human drama in so clear and compact a story as the sinking of Titanic.

4 Savings Priorities for Millennials
When it comes to saving, millennials have a tough road ahead. If you’re a recent grad, you’re facing wages an average of 5.4% lower than those in 2000, and full-time work is scarce.

Lone Soldier Walks With Weary Breath
Prism Literary Arts Magazine • Oregon State University

Gallery By The Sea
The Southwester • Southwestern Oregon Community College