Why do you write?

I write for many reasons—validation, therapy, problem solving, to inspire myself. I relate to the young Samuel Clemens who tried many things and failed at everything. Then one day, he began to tell stories and left the world a legacy of literary work.

I tend to get myself into verbal quicksand as all writers and thinkers do. I believe in expressing oneself within the appropriate bubble, as parameters and boundaries are paramount in all forms of communication. However, being appropriate is restricting.

I prefer turning up the soil of the darkest parts of the psyche; get a little dirty, tear apart, break up and analyze the raw realities of life. I desire to look beyond the deep layers of meaning hidden beneath our institutions, in the pockets of rich men, go all the places where women historically are kept out.

As a children’s book writer, I work on another level, to find universal truths through empathy learned from the hard lessons of experience in the adult realm.

The only way women can make change is to dive into the dark swamp waters of human experience and bring back what is useful, to educate and empower critical thinking, to shed the primal parts of ourselves that hold us back. This is why I write.

What is Your Favorite Book?

That’s a tough one. My earliest book I recall having a big impact was Ferdinand The Bull. I was a quiet child, preferring the company of my Siamese cat and a book in my hand. Where the Red Fern Grows was another influential book growing up and I read Marguerite Henry, The Black Stallion series, Judy Blume, etc.

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